The Arch 1s sportier version is made with a new chassis, built around the same 124ci engine as the firm's top-of-the-line KRGT-1.

With dual ISR six-piston Monoblock calipers, Öhlins suspension, and BST rims, the Arch Motorcycle is ready to take on any terrain.

The engine appears to be virtually unchanged from the KRGT-1, but the company claims a slightly lower torque peak of 115 lb.-ft. from the 2,032cc mill.

Sport-style lacks the air vents at the front of the fuel tank, and instead has a small cowl with fly screen that is only up front.

The profile and stance of the bike make it clear that it's a high-performance vehicle, especially when you take into account the visual cues.

The KRGT-1 is a cruiser motorcycle with a   attitude. When compared to the KRGT-1, the 1 weighs a lot more and has an 8-inch wide rear tire.

This is the first Arch model with a mid-mount controls, which contributes to a taller seat height and more forward body positioning.

The 1s is the first Arch bike with a single-sided swingarm and a completely exposed wheel. The exhaust also makes it a new model.

Arch Motorcycle is proud that each 1s motorcycle will be custom-designed to the buyer's specifications and ride requirements.