Apple has announced its new iPad Pro, which is available for preorder. It's pretty much the same as its previous model, but they've upgraded.

make a few changes to improve the internal components. The M2 chip and Wi-Fi 6E support are among the upgrades on this newer model.

The iPad Pro automatically detects the Apple Pencil and will place a visual indicator around your screen to show you where your Pencil would land.

The Pencil makes it easy to adjust the cursor to a specific point on your screen, and that can be helpful when you're editing photos or drawings.

Compatible with the second-generation Pencil, you can get the iPad Pro to detect your stylus up to 12mm above the screen.

iPad Pro has the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard that gives downloads up to 2.4 gigabits-per-second (Gbps), twice as fast as the 2021 iPad Pro.

To make full use of the new, Wi-Fi 6E-compatible 2022 iPad Pros, you'll need Wi-Fi equipment that also supports Wi-Fi 6E.

The power of this processor allows these devices to not only capture but also edit and publish videos in Apple's professional ProRes video format.

The 2022 iPad Pros are the same price as the previous generation. The 11-inch 2022 iPad Pro starts at $800 and the 12.9-inch model starts at $1,100.