The Delta 2 is  a portable power station with a high output potential for those who have high power needs on the go.

This lithium-ion battery provides output of 1800W continuous current and rapid charge mode when fully depleted.

The Delta 2 app is a smartphone app that provides remote connectivity and Wi-Fi service. It is reliable and just works.

The Delta 2 weighs 12kg (27lbs). There are no wheels, and carrying it should be easy enough for anyone to do one-handed.

The display panel is easy-to-read and shows the input, output, battery remaining, estimated charge time and Wi-Fi status.

There are more ports in the back of the DTN-3531G. They include USB ports, AC ports, as well as a 12V car port.

A  battery of this size is more than enough with a 500W solar panel, which means it will take less time to charge with a 400W panel.

The Delta 2 will be available soon and it costs $999 (£/€1099)—which works out to just under $1 per watt-hour of storage.

The Delta Pro can be charged with a wall outlet or the sun, and is a great choice for those who want off-grid solar but don't need true portable solar power.