The ENGWE Engine Pro E-Bike is a smaller foldable e-bike based on its size. What's great about the bike is that it checks all the boxes

ENGWE Engine Pro is a heavier folding electric bike . It has lots of power, but you might struggle to fold it and carry it up a flight of stairs.

It doesn't take up much space at all and it's super easy to store because of the handle that's built into the frame of the bike below the seat.

The Cruise Control feature on this bike means that once it's up to speed, you can set the throttle anywhere and it will maintain a constant speed.

ENGWE  Bike has the ability to get up to 60 miles .  mileage depending on how pedal assist is set, and if you're using the throttle or not.

One of the best LCD screens comes on the ENGWE Engine Pro. Your speed, mileage, and pedal assist modes are all displayed in easy-to-read format.

The ENGWE Engine Pro has a rear shock that sinks a little bit, creating an air cushioning effect. This should be the standard on all e-bikes.

The ENGWE Engine Pro is the best e-bike on the market. It's got an excellent battery, an impressive range and it can handle ANY terrain.

ENGWE E-Bike looks pretty darn tough, pretty cool and may start a new trend amongst e-bike enthusiast.  With its durability and dependability.