After Haiti's plea for help from the Security Council, U.N. Secretary proposed activating a rapid action force.

According to reports, the letter by the Associated Press include a rapid-action force to help the National Police in Haiti.

This force would provide immediate protection to critical infrastructure, services, and communities in Haiti.

Letter states that the secretary-general may activate UN resources to ensure a ceasefire, or even for humanitarian.

The letter urges member states to step forward with bilateral support and financing “within the next mandated timeframe".

The secretary-general said the issue is urgent, and Haiti faces an outbreak of cholera amid a drastic deterioration in security.

 Haiti issued an urgent request to its international partners for a help them to stop the criminal actions of armed gangs.

Gas stations, schools, and many businesses are closed, while banks and other stores are operating on a reduced schedule.

Protesters are protesting because last month, Henry announced that Government couldn't afford to keep subsidizing fuel anymore.

 UN is now considering sending in an armed force, but it is unclear if this will be enough to prevent further violence.