A generator can be a great investment, especially if you live in an area that is prone to power outages. They come in a variety of sizes and prices.

The Honda EU2200i inverter generator is the most portable of the models. It weighs half as much and is half the size of the others.

There are many benefits to liquid-cooled engines, including better temperature regulation and generally a quieter running noise.

The Predator 9500 is a big, powerful inverter . It has two 120-volt, 20-amp outlets, as well as one 240-volt, 30-amp twist lock plug.

Briggs & Stratton generator weighs 120 pounds and is light enough for one person to lift out. Wheels and a folding handle make it easy to move .

With a 30-amp RV-style plug, this Champion generator is perfect for powering medium-sized campers and homes during emergencies

The DuroMax XP12000EH features an extra-hardy 9,500-watt running capacity and two types of fuel (propane and gasoline).

There are many generators out there, but it can be tough to pick one.Size of home and what you want to power will play an important role in the decision.