Sonos is now introducing the new and upgraded Beam (Gen 2) wireless sounder for your home entertainment needs.

With a five-speaker design and five amplifier setup, the Beam (Gen 2) delivers rich, cinematic surround sound to your room.

The Beam (Gen 2) features a 40% faster chip to push the sonic limits for a soundbar. This provides a new, virtual sound experience.

The Gen 2 Beam has four powerful mid-woofers and one tweeter to ensure the faithful representation of all frequencies.

The Sonos Beam (Gen 2) can be tuned to any room's unique acoustics, ensuring that your content will always sound just the way it should.

The Beam (Gen 2) features an app that connect to streaming services and also enable speech enhancement mode and night sound mode.

With quick WiFi, an Ethernet connection and Sonos compatibility, the Beam is the ideal way to wirelessly control your music.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is a speaker that has easy-to-use touch controls and an LED indicator light. It also has built-in voice feedback.

Sonos is a company that has been known for its quality audio products, and the new Beam (Gen 2) wireless sounder only confirms this.