This Sunday, North Korea fires  its 25th missile of the year and the 90th since Kim Jong Un became president.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff from South Korea on condemned the launches as a "serious provocation" which harms peace and safety.

The Japanese Coast Guards have instructed not approach anything in the sea as they fall and all vessels to take care of.

North Korea's consistent missile launch is a grave provocation that harms peace and the safety of the Korean Peninsula

Missiles launched Sunday morning had a flight range of about 350 kilometers, as well as an altitude of about 90 kilometers.

South Korean military will maintain a firm readiness posture while tracking and monitoring related movements with the US. 

N. Korea fired missile on Tuesday, with no warning, and it flew over Japan, causing Japan to citizens to take shelter.

US Indo-Pacific Command has confirmed that these latest launches do not pose an immediate threat to anyone.

The U.S. said that they are aware of the two missile launches and are consulting closely with their allies and partners.