​E-bikes are quickly replacing traditional bicycles in the United States. This means more affordable options are coming to market.

The different e-bike models on the market have a lot of similarities. Some are marketed as mountain bikes and other as hybrid electric bikes. 

The Urtopia Carbon E-Bike is light and durable. It's got a full carbon fiber frame means it only weighs 33 lbs.

The Carbon E-Bike which costs $2,799 is here because it has the strongest brakes you will find on an electric bike. It also has a 20 mph capacity.

The Eskute Polluno has a 522Wh battery paired with a 250W motor. The 65 miles of range among the e-bikes with the longest range.

The Polluno also has a luxurious display built right into the handlebar. The display looks very attractive and integrates well with the bike's theme.

This is a sweet looking, affordable e-bike that's ready for anything. It looks so good, onlookers are sure to be impressed by it. 

This e-bike offers 750W of power. At 55Nm of torque, it will boast incredible speeds, up to 75 miles on a single charge.

However, by considering your budget, needs and riding style, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect e-bike .