Convenient to have around, cordless vacuums can help with quick tasks in hard-to-reach spots and heavy-duty whole-house cleanings.

The Shark Vertex IZ462H  Cordless Vacuum is a strong performer all around, picking up particles of most sizes on various surfaces smoothly and efficiently.

We were pleasantly surprised by the Hoover OnePOWER BH53420PC vacuum cleaner's quiet but strong cleaning power.

The powerful suction of the Dyson V11 Animal 298746-01 easily pulled up the pet hair from inside the trash and cleaned it out to avoid clogging.

LG's cordless vacuum, the A9, can turn into a mop as well so you won't have to use both appliances in order to clean your floors.

Hoover OnePWR HEPA+ vacuum is great for someone with carpeting in their home. It has a large cleaning head, large dust bag capacity.

The new Tineco Pure One X is a perfect midrange option for people who want to remove debris, including pet hair, from a variety of surfaces.

Depending on your household, a cordless stick vacuum could be the best option for you. Typically, these vacuums are lighter and take up less space