Dirt, dust, and allergens can easily get trapped, leading to an accumulation of unwanted bugs such as wasps or hornets around your windows.

A good idea before cleaning a window or window frame is to check to see if anything hit it recently, and make sure the frame itself isn't damaged.

To clean with a hand vac, put the vacuum nozzle into the window track and turn it on. Move the nozzle back and forth until all of the dirt sucked up.

If you have mold or oxidation on your window tracks, you can treat it with bleach using a brush or cloth, apply the solution to the affected areas.

make a paste out of baking soda and vinegar  and apply it to the tracks using a rag or brush.  Rinse away the paste with water.

Clean  window tracks, start by using a paintbrush to remove any loose dirt.Then use compressed air to blow out any remaining dirt and dust.

For tougher stains use a mild cleaner or scrub brush. Be sure to rinse the tracks well afterwards and dry them to prevent any water damage.

Cleaning your tracks regularly is essential for preventing bacteria, mold, and other allergens from impacting indoor air quality and your health.