A strategic supply route to Crimea Peninsula and a symbol of Russian power Kerch Bridge explode Saturday.

Videos of incident shows that a fuel tanks truck passed close to a passing train, which caused the truck to explode.

 After Russia's malicious and escalatory move of annexing Ukrainian territory, this incident occurred.

Russian President Putin has called the bridge explosion a terrorist act, and will meet with his Security Council on Monday.

Ministry of Defense UK said that the Kerch Bridge incident may affect the personal financial interests of Russian President.

 The bridge is seen as Putin's claims to retake Ukraine. Russia was invaded and occupied Crimea in 2014.

The explosion wreaked on Russia's war effort, break a main supply line and cutting off a crucial funnel for troops in Ukraine.

it caused a halt in train and automobile traffic and reduced the transit potential of the 12-mile bridge.

The bridge engineer reported that it will take several months to fix the parts of the bridge that are damaged.

Ukrainians see Kerch Bridge as a symbol of Russian occupation while many Russians view it as a symbol of Moscow's influence.