Yeti Cycles just released their SB160 and we were there to ride it. It's a big-travel bike that descends swiftly and pedals with ease.

The SB160 is a big step up from the SB150. It has been improved in a number of ways, such as improving braking and making it more affordable.

The bike was perfectly balanced, handled perfectly, and did everything well. I never wished for a smaller or lighter bike.

The SB160 was the only bike that handled going uphill and downhill better than other bikes. The SB160 was a good bike for going uphill.

The SB150 frame is half a pound lighter than the SB160 frame. The medium Turq 3 SB160 with AXS test bike weighs a verified 33.3 pounds.

The Yeti SB160 was stiffer and more responsive after the company changed some of its tubes to ovals. It wasn't jarring, just a smoother ride.

The SB160 frame, one noticeable difference is its higher clearance downtube. It also includes an extended dual-density downtube protector.

Prices are rising in all categories, including bikes. Yeti's C-Series carbon frame, their more basic carbon frame build starts at $6,100.